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                                                  Key Resources on Mining and Smelting

The key resources on the mining/smelting economy are extensive. They include:

corporate and linked non-governmental resources: associations, networks, market defense/expansion, investing and news services. It’s not always clear how these networks and organizations connect, overlap or interact with each other. Note attention to market/pricing/peak-copper (and other metals), predictions about the market, and geo-politics as impacting mining economy. These sites are not likely to be strong on critical analysis; they represent the business and promotion of the mining/smelting sector. Copper Development Association CDA with the Copper Data Ctr. Part of the Copper Alliance/Intl Copper Association ( or CA “to defend and grow markets for copper… and its contribution to a higher quality of life worldwide”

CDA: Educational/promotional on the wonders of copper. News pieces on copper’s properties and value – art, architecture, structures, energy systems, transport, electrical, piping, etc. .. and as essential metal for health. Profiles of copper’s value and use, from commodities to art.

CA: Defending/expanding copper markets. Copper and ICA vital to solving world’s problems – health , energy, climate change. CA programs & initiatives in 60 countries; 26 copper promotion centers. Video “Copper – Infinitely Recyclable”   The Copper Foundation:   Same address as ICA, NYC.   Focus: underdevelopment, anti-poverty, econ development, local infrastruture. Copper as essential to public health, infrastructure, electrification. International Copper Study Group (intergovernmental organization), main office in Lisbon Portugal.   “The World of Copper” and other background information. Product & trade definitions/information. Your Global Mining Resources. Market watch, “news and intelligence” on mining corporations, jobs, people, forecasts.   “Peak Copper” 2005. Safe Haven is a site for investors…. “preservation of capital.”  Speculation on peak-copper and impact on supply, market amidst changing world economy. “Your source for global mining news”   Provides listings ex. “top 10 copper companies”, market analyses, “mining hall of fame” and forecasts such as…  “Another card up Peru’s sleeve is Southern Copper’s (NYSE: SCCO) controversial $1 billion Tia Maria mine, which is expected to begin production in March 2016.”   “Uncompromising Independence” Industry-aligned coverage of developments in mining/smelting.   Global news on mining, smelting, metals, rare earths. Info on junior miners, Mergers & Acquisitions, diversification. Lists conferences and players; key conferences for corporate miners – Toronto, Vancouver, Cape Town   Vital industry news and analyses, from industry perspective. Provides….. “top 10 copper producing countries” and “top 10 copper producing companies” “3 largest copper mines in the world” Offers perspective on “Social License” or SLO (“social license to operate”) or corporate social responsibility.    Value of a mine:

 1) amount of resource available; 2) cost of extraction; 3) price of the commodity being mined; and 4) SLO: whether it has community support or social license to operate.   linked to Copper Investing News (Canada focused) Mining & Community concerns.      Search on copper or metal. Also search by company, state or country. “Copper King” or “Dr. Copper” — the predictive value of copper      How metal prices are determined, metal types & uses, market predictions, and listings ex. “Top Ten Metal Producers” “Where the World Connects with African Mining”   Major global conference February 2017 “ Based in South Africa, a global mining newservice from a corporate/manager point of view. Covers a range of metals/minerals, international, issues from beneficiation (treatment of raw material to improve properties in preparation for smelting) to export policies, to labor and issues of exploration (and junior/senior partners). Assesses mineral capacities and assessments/predictions on capacity, peaks, etc. Looks at value chains, value-added, etc. From Creamer Media. Global news/corporate. (subscription/free trial). 24/7 news resource: “The Top Global Mining Stories to the Moment” Mining Business Media is Australian based, with Thompson Reuters international team of mining journalists. Full text available with subscription.

“Driven by the world’s fierce demand for commodities, mining has become, more than ever, as interconnected world industry. Thousands of companies operate across continents and regimes, and their need for news is international.”     Mining Forum, based in Australia Mining experts, companies, brokers, bankers, financiers, investors, mining service industries gather for conferences.   Also

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