Assault on Labor in Cananea

This article, about the struggle of Mexican Miners Union, against Grupo Mexico and the Mexican government, is reprinted by permission of Dollars and Sense.

Crossing the Border to Cananea: High Stakes and Teachable Moments for North American Workers

This report was written by our solidarity delegation to Cananea, sponsored by the United Association for Labor Education.


David Bacon’s report on US-Mexican labor solidarity

David Bacon’s website of articles and photographs, many about Cananea

Publications by the Maquiladora Health and Safety Support Network about health and safety conditions at the Cananea mine

Cananea Copper Mine, An International Effort to Improve Hazardous Working Conditions in Mexico – IJOEH Jan09

CananeaOHSReport – 2007 – Maquila Health and Safety Support Network





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